About Kerala Press Academy

The Kerala Press Academy is a unique institution that was established in 1979 by the Government of Kerala, the Indian Newspaper Society and the Kerala Union of Journalists. Since that time the Academy gives young students the possibility to study Journalism in India. In collaboration with the Indian Newspaper Society the Kerala Press Academy empowers the Press of India.

After founding the Press Academy of Kerala in 1979 the Chief Minister of Kerala Shri E.K.Nayanar broke ground in 1980. Then, after 5 years, the building of the Press Academy was inducted. In 1986 the first courses in the field of Journalism started there. In 1993 PR and Advertising courses had been offered. In 2011 two different certificate courses commenced: “Non-Linear Video Editing” and “Communicative English”. It’s apparent that this academy is still emerging.

The aims of this institution are:

  • to support the study and research in relation to Journalism
  • to engineer different journalistic courses, seminars, workshops and exhibitions
  • to advise students about studying journalism and working as a journalist in corporation with journalists, newspapers and universities
  • to constitute an independent institute
  • to publish printed media (books, monographs, periodicals, seminar papers)
  • to train students that want to teach journalism
  • to award people or organizations that support research in the field of journalism
  • to support the research field of PR or Advertisement

In Kakkanand, Kochi, Kerala you can find the central offices of the Kerala Press Academy. Normally Kakkanand is the IT-District and the industrial quarter of Kochi; but next to industry and IT the concepts of Journalism are also considered very important. Nowadays this institution is very popular by students, organizations and other institutions in the field of journalism.